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Obituary for David Yuk Chu - 朱 郁 先 生

David s Biography
David Chu was born in DenJoe village Sunwui county Canton China on July 27 1935. He had six elder sisters and two elder brothers he was a baby in the family.
In 1938 three years old followed his parents to Hong Kong a British Colony and live in Fanling new Territory Kowloon.
In 1940 five years old attended Fanling Chinese School class one finished.
In 1941 six years old promoted to class two in the morning preparing to school the Japanese Army walked in Fanling New Territories and controlled Kowloon Hong Kong for three years and eight months at that time not enough food for Hong Kong people only half pound rice each person a day.
In 1942 seven years old his parents brought seven children back to Den Joe Village Sunwui county Canton China two elder sisters had married in new Territories.
In 1943 eight years old back to Chinese school from class three up to class six finished.
In 1947 twelve years old his father sent someone pick him up to Hong Kong again and attended Edon English School from Form one to Form five finished.
In 1953 eighteen years old jointed the Hong Kong Regiment for training in the Army Camp six months finished and dispatch to Royal Army Service Corporation to learn driving and served three years as a drivers.
In 1956 twenty one years old applied American Coca Cola bottled Company as a truck and salesman for three years.
In 1959 twenty four years old applied American First National City Bank as an Accounting Manager for twelve years and get a Jackpot of forty thousand Hong Kong dollars.
In 1971 thirty six year old opened import and export business as a director up to twenty seven years.
In 1988 fifty three years old sold the business for forty hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars and change to forty thousand US dollars cash.
In 1989 fifty four years old to Houston Texas bought a town house at Sharpview Ave. paid fourteen U.S dollars cash and bough a book to learn bottom foot massage therapy for six months as a therapist.
In 1990 fifty five years old worked part time in washateria and therapy for sick people in the townhouse. Be Hien and Judy came to washateria he told them he can do bottom foot massage therapy to cure any kind of sick. Be Hien said her mom had a headache he told her mom come to townhouse free therapy for her three months her sick is gone and they both fall in love and worked together in the beauty salon one years.
In 1991fifty six years old married Victoria Nguyen in Furama Restaurant over one hundred fifty friends cousins and family jointed the wedding party.
In 1992 fifty seven years old and wife employed by Continental Airline to make food for airplane passengers for eight years.
In 2000 sixty five years old retired and get social security retirement fund and medicare
In 2004 sixty nine years old together wife to Taiwan Chung Tai Zen Temple to learn Buddhism two weeks and became Buddhist both.
In 2006 seventy one years old jointed one week Japan Kato tours in Japan with wife.
In 2013 seventy eight years old jointed Hong Kong and Beijing tours two weeks with wife and Tuyet and Michael.
In 2014 seventy nine years old he give his will to Buddha in 2021 eighty six years old three Buddha will come to pick up to Western Pure Land forever.