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Obituary for Himatlal K. Shah

A devoted family man and poetry lover, Himatlal Shah passed away on 8th of February, 2021 after a hard fought battle against heart disease for 22 years.

Himat lived a full life until the age of 84. In his childhood, he was an adventurous boy who jumped off trees and diving platforms from heights that no one would dare. As a teen, he enjoyed painting, literature, poetry and cinema. He attained a business degree from Sydenham College in Mumbai and built successful career as an Accountant while raising a young family. In 1981, he gave up his stable life for a chance to move to America on a new adventure. Through hard work and perseverance, he established his family in Houston, Texas and formed many close friendships. He retired in 1998 after complications from a heart attack and reinvented himself as a poet and philosopher.

He will be remembered as a philosophical and principled man who saw the world through a unique poetic lens and never hesitated to give his all to those he loved.

He is survived by wife, Kanak, sons, Himanshu and Kalpesh, daughter-in law, Neha and grandson, Devin.