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Obituary for Tracy Sow Young

My mom was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Houston, TX back in the 80’s. She worked very hard because she wanted to set a good example for me. My mom took me to various sports and guitar classes so I can get more experiences in life. We also travelled around Europe, South America, Canada, and various countries in Asia. I remembered you took me hiking around the mountains in Taiwan since you loved to be around nature. I truly regret for not spending more )me with you. It seems odd that I’m wri)ng a eulogy to you mom since I thought we had more )me. You ba*led cancer for over 14 years. The oncologists, nurses, and other healthcare sta-s at MD Anderson all tried to help you. We saw the pain that you went through and I’m sorry that you had to go through all of the chemotherapy and the surgeries. My dad and I tried our best to be there for you and wished we could’ve saved you from cancer. We will always remember you mom and so will Ruby and Owen. They are your pride and joy. You can’t stop smiling when you see them. Thank you mom for loving us and we will always love you.